How to Unbrick Asus Zenfone Intel Based

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How to unbrick Asus Zenfone Intel Based – This trick work on any Zenfone phone that using Intel CPU such as Zenfone C 4, 5, 6 / zenfone 2 / zenfone 2 laser, etc

I’m sure there are people out there suffer from this painful and stressful situation. Yeah a boot loop never ending stuck on Intel logo for their Zenfone 5 (and/or maybe ZF 4 and 6).

Unbrick Asus Zenfone 5 stuck on Intel Logo

Asus Zenfone stuck on Intel Logo
Asus Zenfone stuck on Intel Logo

Fastboot Mode (DroidBoot)

Power + Volume Up button.

Files Needed

Make sure you charge your device, and use a good USB data cable.

Flash DroidBoot (fastboot)

  • Install All driver and application you have downloaded before
  • Extract ADB and Fastboot.
  • Extract the firmware and look for these 5 files, you can copy them to another folder for easier access:
  • Open xFSTK Downloader application, and click on the CLVP A0/B0/B1 Tab
Unbrick Asus Zenfone
Unbrick Asus Zenfone
  • Select sec-dnx_fwr.bin for FW DnX, sec-ifwi-prod.bin for IFWI, sec-dnx_osr.bin for OS DnX, and droidboot.img.POS_sign.bin for OS Image.
  • Click on Options and select Modify Settings, click on the CLVP A0/B0/B1 Tab
  • Check “Include Softfuse File” and select soft_fuse.bin
  • Click OK
Unbrick Asus Zenfone
Unbrick Asus Zenfone
  • On our device, press Power + Volume Down button then connect to your computer. If the device starting up and stuck on Intel logo, then turn it off again by pressing Power button for approx. 5 seconds until the screen is off, then try again pressing Power + Volume Down button until the Device Status on xFSTK application shows CLOVERVIEWPLUS TARGETS DETECTED: 1
  • Press Begin Download button. Now wait until xFSTK shows Success Messages on Download Status.
  • Once finish, you can access fastboot again on your device by pressing Power + Volume Up button.

Flash Recovery

  • Make sure your device is on fastboot and connected to your computer
  • Now open the adb and fastboot folder you extracted before, Shift + Right Click on the empty space inside the folder and select Open Command Window Here
  • CMD window will now open directly into the adb fastboot folder
  • Type fastboot flash recovery then press Enter ( is the recover image file)
  • Wait until finish, and your device will reboot… after that you will reach a sleeping android screen. voila now we have recovery image on our device

Install the firmware

  • Boot into droidboot/fastboot : vol up + power
  • Hold power button for 2 second, release it, and after 5 second release the vol up button
  • Make sure your device connected to your computer
  • Run ASUS Flash Tools, it will automatically detect your device, if it not, then try to reconnect again, and make sure you already installed ASUS USB driver. Flash Tool will list your device and the state will be a blue orb.
  • Select your device model, in my case A600CG
  • If you want to wipe data, then select Yes on Wipe Data
  • Click on the box button to select your RAW file
  • Now press Start (the green orb button)
  • Be patient and wait until it finished, the State will turn yellow while progress, and turn green when success. (it can take more than 1 hours and make you computer lag, if you computer have 2gb ram like i do..)
Unbrick Asus Zenfone
Unbrick Asus Zenfone

Now you have your device back online!

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