What do you want to see Microsoft add or change in Windows 11?

What do you want to see Microsoft add or change in Windows 11?

The time is almost upon us — after almost six years of Windows 10, Microsoft is expected to introduce Windows 11 at an event on June 24th. In 2015, a Microsoft developer evangelist implied that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows, and that’s apparently how Microsoft saw things, too. But plans can change. Microsoft says the new version of Windows will be the biggest update to the OS in a decade, but we don’t know a lot yet. At least not officially. What we do know is that Microsoft recently canceled Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows that was planned for cheaper PCs. Microsoft said it would be bringing some of the technologies from Windows 10X to regular Windows.


What we already know

There have been a few reports on upcoming features for Windows, though. For a few months now, reports have been going around about Sun Valley, a visual refresh for Windows. These reports mention a few things like rounded corners, a new Action center design, floating UI elements, and more. We also know of a new Microsoft Store with new policies for developers, which should make the platform more popular.

Outside of those reports, there’s also what we’ve been testing in Windows 10 Insider builds. While Microsoft just released Windows 10 version 21H1, Insiders have been testing development builds for what’s coming after that version. These builds have brought us some new icons for apps and the File Explorer, a new system font, x64 emulation for ARM devices, and improvements to the Bluetooth audio experience. Microsoft has paused Insider builds until the event, so it’s probably safe to assume that a lot more is coming once it’s announced.

What we want to see in Windows 11

Of course, we here at XDA have our own hopes for Windows 11. We recently shared 15 features we want to see in the upcoming OS. One of the things we asked for is live wallpapers, similar to what Android and iOS offer. We’d also like to see the operating system have a more consistent user experience. Windows 10 still has UI elements inherited from Windows 95, and even some of the elements introduced in Windows 10 aren’t consistent between themselves. Windows runs on a lot of beautiful laptops, so it’s about time the software matched the hardware. There’s actually a lot Microsoft could do.

What do you want Microsoft to change or add in Windows 11? Do any of our suggestions sound appealing to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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