You can now snooze Google One’s VPN like an alarm clock

You can now snooze Google One’s VPN like an alarm clock

Google added a new VPN to the 2TB Google One plan in October last year. The plan, which costs $9.99 per month, now gives you 2TB of storage, access to Google experts, the option to share the plan with up to 6 family members, free and discounted content on hotels or Google Stadia, up to 10% cashback in the Google Store, and a VPN for your Android phone. In June this year, Google added a new feature to the Google One VPN, which lets you whitelist apps that can bypass the VPN. Now, Google is rolling out another feature for the VPN that will let you easily pause the VPN with a single tap.

The new functionality is rolling out with version 1.101.377048309 of the Google One app, and it includes a new “Snooze” button. You can tap on this button to pause the VPN for 5 minutes. This brings up another new button that lets you “Add 5 min” to continue to snooze the VPN for as long as you need.


As you can see in the attached screenshots, the new “Snooze” and “Add 5 min” buttons appear both within the Google One app and in the VPN notification. Once you snooze the VPN, the notification also shows when the VPN will reconnect. In addition, the app and notification also show an “End snooze” button when the VPN is paused. This button lets you instantly restart the VPN before the snooze duration ends.

As mentioned earlier, the new Snooze functionality is available for some users in version 1.101.377048309 of the Google One app. However, if you don’t see it on your phone yet, you can install the latest update by following the Play Store link below. Alternatively, you can download the Google One v1.101.377048309 APK from APKMirror by following this link.

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