Microsoft’s upcoming Cloud PC service might let you access a Windows PC from anywhere

Microsoft’s upcoming Cloud PC service might let you access a Windows PC from anywhere

In the near future, you might be able to access a full-fledged Windows desktop from anywhere, at any time. Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to launch a new remote desktop service called “Cloud PC” that will let you use a remote Windows desktop.

According to a report from ZDNet, Microsoft might debut its virtual, desktop-as-a-service platform as soon as June or early July. Cloud PC, codenamed Project Deschutes, has been in the works since last year and Microsoft is now all set to launch it commercially, the report notes. Think of it as Microsoft xCloud but instead of games, you will get access to a full-blown Windows PC with all necessary software and services including the Microsoft Office suite.


The service will be reportedly sold as a managed Microsoft 365 experience and users will pay a flat per-person fee. Earlier reports mentioned that Microsoft was planning to sell multiple subscription plans with each plan offering different processing power, RAM, and storage capacity. It’s worth noting that Microsoft already offers a virtual desktop service in the form of Windows Virtual Desktop powered by Azure. However, the process of setting up a virtual desktop with WVD isn’t exactly very straightforward. In this context, Cloud PC will likely act as a more user-friendly and accessible virtual desktop solution for end-users.

Although Microsoft hasn’t yet publically detailed anything about Cloud PC, a recent job posting from Microsoft gave us an idea about what the service intends to accomplish:

(The Cloud PC service) allows all users to be productive from anywhere, on any device with a cloud-powered, secure, and always up to date Windows experience. It also seamlessly allows endpoint managers to instantly provision cloud hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal and a fixed and predictable price.

There’s no official word on exactly when the new Cloud PC service will go live. Microsoft’s virtual Build conference, which is taking place on May 25, seems like the perfect place for an official announcement.

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