Lenovo has a new Yoga tablet with HDMI input

Lenovo has a new Yoga tablet with HDMI input

Lenovo’s strategy when it comes to Android tablets in recent years has focused on hybrid use cases. For example, the Yoga Tab P10 was Alexa-enabled and docked in a speaker to become a smart speaker. The Yoga Smart Tab had Google Assistant, and you could hang it on the wall as a smart picture frame with Google Photos integration.

Now, it seems like the company has a new Yoga tablet in China that has HDMI input. Based on the imagery found on Weibo, there’s a gaming aspect to it. The image shows a Nintendo Switch in its dock that’s connected to the display, and a Switch controller; with Mario Kart Deluxe 8 shown, the clear push is that you can bring your console around with you, and play your favorite Switch games on-the-go but on a larger screen.


The post, which is from the Lenovo YOGA account, doesn’t mention any additional details about the product, such as if it’s a tablet or just an external display. Presumably, if it was just a display, HDMI input wouldn’t be something to tout.

It does seem to be an Android tablet. The wider base at the bottom is a common design for Lenovo’s Yoga tablets. It’s presumably held up by a kickstand. That also means that for gaming, you’d have access to a dedicated app for Microsoft’s Xbox game streaming, so you can play all of the best Xbox games.

This is likely a device that was leaked last year, and gaming isn’t the only use case. You’d also be able to plug in a laptop and extend your screen.

Naturally, we don’t have any additional details right now. That includes actual specs or if it will reach any markets outside of China. It’s possible, of course, so if we learn more, we’ll let you know. We’ve reached out to Lenovo for more details about the product.

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