Google Pixel Buds, OnePlus Buds, and other Fast Pair devices now appear in Find My Device

Google Pixel Buds, OnePlus Buds, and other Fast Pair devices now appear in Find My Device

Google announced Fast Pair back in 2017, showing off its vision on how the first-time pairing experience of Bluetooth accessories can be improved. Devices like the original Google Pixel Buds came with support for this new experience, and these were followed by dozens of other accessories. Fast Pair as a feature-set is also gaining new features over time. Recently, Google rolled out location tracking, battery notifications, and new settings for Fast Pair devices. Of these, the location tracking feature “Find My Device” is now rolling out to more devices like the second-generation Google Pixel Buds and the OnePlus Buds.


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“Find My Device”, or more specifically, “Find My Accessories” lets users ping the last known location of their Bluetooth accessories in the Find My Device app. This will come in handy when your phone is connected to the Bluetooth accessory, but you don’t know exactly where the Buds are. You will also be able to locate them even if they aren’t connected to you phone as long as you had Location History enabled. This feature is now being extended to the second-gen Pixel Buds, the OnePlus Buds, and other Fast Pair devices.

When you log into the Find My Device service on Android or on the web, the integration will now identify what phone your compatible Buds were last connected to, and the time and date. This information will be displayed against a map with the pin featuring a headphones icon against a gray background.

However, this information is currently not available in the Pixel Buds “app”, and the Find Device menu within the app merely lets you play a ringing sound. Google has not specifically announced a wider rollout yet, but we can see this feature being made available to the second-gen Pixel Buds and the new OnePlus Buds.

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