Apple’s new iMac makes the All-In-One PC sexy again

Apple’s new iMac makes the All-In-One PC sexy again

Apple recently revealed the new, updated iMac — which is now available for pre-order — with M1 chips and an ultra-slim frame. It’s also available in up to seven colors — and it’s gorgeous in a way Apple’s All-in-One hasn’t been for a while.

The new iMac is an impressive piece of hardware, with the aforementioned M1 chipset, a crisp 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, with an all-new built-in camera, mic, and speakers that are big upgrades over the previous models. The rest of the hardware is also impressive, but it’s not really the internals that will draw most people to this device — they’re a bonus, to be sure, but what makes this new iMac so stunning is how it looks.


One of the first and most striking features you’ll notice about the new iMac is its very slim profile. At just 11.5 millimeters, it’s more slender and aesthetically pleasing than ever and just looks right. The thin monitor combined with the graceful swoop of the stand is sure to catch the eye of those looking for that minimalistic look in their tech.

The real draw is the color range. No longer will you be constrained to just the usual silver when looking for a new iMac. The new all-in-one has an impressive seven-color range (though, to be fair, one of those is the aforementioned silver). Every color of the rainbow is represented: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green (that looks more like teal), Purple, and Pink (that looks very, very red).

Each iMac will have a bright splash of color across its back, and a softer, more muted tone of the same color around the sides and the stand.

The range of colors recalls the iMac G3, that beautiful bubble-shaped iMac that came in a variety of different colors. While the new iMac doesn’t have quite as many colors as its predecessor, it’s still good to see the infusion of bright shades back into the line. In fact, some of the colors of the new iMac look like updated versions of the colors in that older computer. The new blue-ish teal looks very similar to the “Bondi Blue,” the first color with which the G3 was released. The dark purple and pink also look similar to colors in the G3 family.

In case the striking color array wasn’t enough — and, just looking at the computer, it should be — almost all of the accessories can be color-matched to the iMac. The new keyboard, the mouse, the trackpad, and even the cable and power connector can be the same color as your all-in-one. If you’re used to the usual colors of white, grey, and black in all of your tech, this new pop of color and the fact that everything can match might bring a tear to the eye.

Magic Mouse in different colors

Obviously, looks aren’t everything. The way the computer works and what kind of software it supports are the sort of things that will really matter in the day-to-day, not the color.

But it’s also important for the new iMac to look visually different from its predecessor. This is the first redesign of the iMac in a decade, but it won’t resonate with potential buyers so much if it looks identical to the computer that came before it, no matter how impressive the hardware is. So adding an expanded (and pretty) color selection is a visual shorthand for marking the generational differences.

Apple’s new 24-inch iMac is up for pre-order starting today. You can place a pre-order from, Amazon, or Best Buy, and shipments will arrive in the second half of May. For more details on the pricing, availability, and specifications, check out our buying guide.

    Apple iMac 24-inch (2021)
    Apple's new 24-inch iMac not only comes in several different playful colors but also packs an incredibly fast M1 chip and beautiful 4.5K Retina display.

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