A list of software projects I'm involved with

e-Commerce Platform @ Leroy Merlin

Developed with an agile small team at Leroy Merlin Brazil using a set of new web technology (MongoDB and ElasticSearch), hosted using scalable PAAS cloud on Amazon AWS and displaying more than 60.000 products and over 1000 categories of complex DIY products.

The platform is distributed and highly scalable, designed to automate advanced e-merchandising and merchandising concepts to help customer navigate easily among complex product offering.

See the Platform in action

Confide (authentication solution for Laravel)

With more than 60k installations and translated to 17 languages. Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4 made to eliminate repetitive tasks involving the management of users: Account creation, login, logout, confirmation by e-mail, password reset, etc.

Confide aims to be simple to use, quick to configure and flexible.

See Confide on Github

Entrust (roles and permissions for Laravel)

In order not to bloat Confide and to make it more flexible, the role and permission feature was developed as another package: Entrust provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to a Laravel 4 project.

See Entrust on Github

FactoryMuffin (objects for automated testing)

The goal of this Package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of automated testing. The package is framework agnostic and doesn't require an ORM.

FactoryMuffin can generate objects with dummy data but following a specific schema and strategy. This way you can easily test your code against many cases that are generated automatically in order to avoid minimize risks of unexpected behavior on production environments.

See FactoryMuffin on Github

Larasniffer (code sniffer for Laravel)

Detect violations of a defined coding standard. It helps your code remains clean and consistent. It is an essential development tool that ensures your code remains clean and consistent. It can also help prevent some common semantic errors made by developers.

Larasniffer supports PSR2, PSR1, Zend, PEAR, Squiz, PHPCS and MySource.

See Larasniffer on Github

NewRelic Indicator Applet

A indicator applet to monitor metrics from newrelic on Ubuntu's Unity Desktop

NewRelic Indicator Screenshot

Installation instructions